EPOS Phrasing Test

I have added a field in Settings > Client Information for the contentious phrase “EPOS”. or “EPoS”. or “epos”. or “ePOS”. or any other way you care to write it.

It outputs this: Epos.

The ‘raw’ version would require all instances in the content to be replaced by this shortcode:

[ pods name=”client_information” slug=”epos_phrasing” field=”epos_phrasing” ]

Which all seems a bit long and unnecessary. So, because I’m a clever chap, I’ve written a function that outputs that for you by simply typing [ epos_sc ] (sans the spaces that let me display this to you!) Cool, right?

[ epos_sc ] = Epos

So, you just put it in the content like this whenever and wherever you want to say Epos and it’ll auto update to your preference 😀

It obviously doesn’t output it in red…. I just did that so you can see where it’s resolving a shortcode versus straight up writing it :p