Pods Shortcut Example for Software Product Feature List

This is an example of how to invoke a list of software product features for TouchPoint. You can obviously mark them up and style them as you please.
You will obviously need to look at the text source of this page to see the shortcode syntax!

TouchPoint Feature – Add-On Features

Add-on applications and scripts can change or add features to work the way your business does. Choose from the application list or commission your own.

TouchPoint Feature – Age Verification

Reminders to operators to check the age of the customer for specific products, such as alcohol, tobacco or door entry.

TouchPoint Feature – Allergen Info

Allergen information can be held against each product, and is highlighted on screen at the point of sale.

TouchPoint Feature – Card Payments

Eliminate double keying mistakes, the correct amount is charged to the customer and shown automatically in financial reports.

TouchPoint Feature – Cashless

Add funds to an account for cashless environments such as a canteen, leisure centre or members club.

TouchPoint Feature – CCTV Integration

TouchPoint integrates with your CCTV displaying transaction information.

TouchPoint Feature – Clerk Audit Trail

All clerk operations are recorded within the system’s Journal. Identify training issues and make sure the right buttons are being pressed.

TouchPoint Feature – Clerk Language Selection

Change language for the operator that signs on to the system.

TouchPoint Feature – Clock In & Out

Capture start and end times for employees shift work to record working hours to assist with payroll administration.

TouchPoint Feature – Discounts

Provide a discount rate for purchases on a whole sale or specific products.

TouchPoint Feature – Easy To Use

A touch screen till with simple keyboard layouts for easy navigation. Button colours and graphics can be customised, and features a graphical table plan. The till is simple for staff to learn and operate.

TouchPoint Feature – Gift Cards

Create gift cards of any value to use against a transaction.

TouchPoint Feature – Graphical Table Plan

Visual representation of service areas with multiple levels and numbered tables.

TouchPoint Feature – Happy Hours

Schedule automatic happy hour price changes.

TouchPoint Feature – Hotel Systems

Integrates with many well-known hotel software packages, so that bar and restaurant sales can be added to the room balance.